Some Thoughts on ETH as Money

Similar to how a publicly listed company can use its stock as money in an M&A transaction, the owners of the Ethereum protocol can use ETH as money to pay for different transactions. Since protocol equity is often freely tradable on the Internet, there are less restrictions for using it as money compared to traditional public company stock. The reason ETH is considered as a premium form of money today — over many other assets — reflects the relative maturity of ETH compared to many other protocol equities in the crypto space.

Ethereum 2.0

Lohkoketjuteknologiasta ja kryptovaluutoista puhutaan usein harhaanjohtavasti synonyymeinä. Lohkoketjut ovat jaettuja, avoimia ja maailmanlaajuisia tietokantoja. Ne toimivat alustana seuraavan sukupolven Internet-sovelluksille ja niitä ylläpitävät maailmanlaajuiset online-yhteisöt. Kuten osake- ja optiopohjaisissa kannustinjärjestelmissä myös lohkoketjuissa on tarve luoda verkoston jäsenille taloudellinen kannustin ylläpitää tietokantaa rehellisesti. Tämän takia jokaisella avoimella lohkoketjulla tulee olla oma kryptovaluuttansa.

Community-driven markets can be Augur’s first success story

The Augur protocol defines how users can create, participate in, and verify the results of markets. As users place bets, and sufficient liquidity builds, those markets can be considered odds of future events (prediction markets). Currently, there is $2.1 million of open interest on Augur — and while that is a small number compared to any traditional financial market, it shows the Augur system has worked without faults so far.

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